When fate conspires to bring two people together from completely different worlds, a love story that transcends words will be written in “Tell Me That You Love Me,” a new series coming November 27 to Disney+.

When struggling actor Jung Moeun gets fired after just one day on set, she will find herself at the start of a series of chance encounters with Cha Jin-woo, a talented deaf artist. As the pair continue to bump into each other, their connection will grow stronger, with the pair realizing that love can be expressed in more ways than just through words, and that there are certain sounds that you can only hear with your heart. In “Tell Me That You Love Me,” audiences will experience a love story unlike any other as viewers begin to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

An exciting retelling of a beloved Japanese classic and TBS Television Drama Series “Tell Me That You Love Me” (Scripted by: Eriko Kitagawa, Produced by: TBS Television Inc.), “Tell Me That You Love Me” stars Jung Woo-sung (“The King,” “Hunt”) as deaf artist Cha Jin-woo; Shin Hyun-been (“Reborn Rich,” “Reflection of You”) as struggling actor Jung Moeun; Kim Jih-yun (“The Smile Has Left Your Eyes,” “Justice”) as Song Seo-kyung, the director of an art center and Jin-woo’s ex-girlfriend; and Lee Jae-kyoon (“Shark: The Beginning,” “Song of the Bandits”) as composer and Moeun’s childhood friend, Yoon Johan. The series is written by Kim Min-jung (“Love in the Moonlight”) and directed by Kim Yoon-jin (“Our Beloved Summer”).

Stream “Tell Me That You Love Me” from November 27 only on Disney+.

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