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2PM member Nick Khun, who was involved in a vehicular accident due to driving under the influence last July 24, issued an apology over his official twitter account.

I would like to write this letter of apology for such an irresponsible act. To the injured person, his family, the people of Korea, my fans, JYPE family and staffs, 2PM members, and all the people this situation has affected. I have betrayed the ones who have given me their love and support, the love and support I don’t deserve with such behavior. I feel the need to take some time off to re-think about my action and myself, to make myself a better person and never again repeat the same mistake. I am truly ashamed that I have disappointed so many, and I am deeply sorry.

Nich Khun or Nichkhun Horvejkul in real life, is of Thai descent but became famous in Korea and other parts of Asia, as the rapper of 2PM, a group under the JYP Entertainment.

It was early Tuesday when he had a collision with a motorcyclist, resulting to bruises but no broken bones for the motorcycle rider.

JYP Entertainment already issued a public apology over the incident and said that Nich Khun would cooperate with the police.

source: Nich Khun’s Official Twitter

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