Now, We Are Breaking Up” is on its episode 2 and has started to introduce what could be the biggest conflict between the main leads. The 16-episode K-drama stars Song Hye-kyo and Jang Ki-yong, who appear to have an intense chemistry despite their age gap.

Don’t Let the R-19 Rating Fool You

Song Hye-kyo and Jang Ki-yong share a night to remember in “Now, We Are Breaking Up”

“Now, We Are Breaking Up” has gotten a lot of buzz with its R-19 premiere, mainly due to that one love scene everyone has been talking about. But if you’re expecting a lot of bare skin then you might get disappointed.

The story starts with Ha Yeong-eun played by Song Hye-kyo, the design team head of the fashion company “The One.” She works in the fashion industry where trends come and go and she relates this to life, believing that nothing lasts forever. While working in Busan for the K-Fashion Week, Yeong-eun has a one night stand with a guy. She leaves without knowing his name and vice versa.

Song Hye-kyo as the hardworking design team head Ha Yeong-eun

Meanwhile, Jang Ki-yong is Yoon Jae-gook, also known as Mr. J. He’s a famous fashion photographer who everyone wants to work with. He also belongs to a rich family. 

Yeong-eun and Jae-gook cross each other’s paths in a blind date intended for Yeong-eun’s boss. Jae-gook is clearly enamored but Yeong-eun seems to be uninterested in a relationship.

Aside from Yeong-eun’s aversion to relationships, “Now, We Are Breaking Up” episode 2 introduces a bigger conflict involving Jae-gook’s elder brother. It would be interesting to see how all of these will pan out.

Jang Ki-yong Packs on the Smoldering Looks

Jang Ki-yong is Yoon Jae-gook, a talented fashion photographer.

Jang Ki-yong, with his smoldering looks and deep voice, fits the role of Yoon Jae-gook perfectly. He’s sort of a rebel who refuses to succumb to the fashion world’s superficiality. Sparks fly when he meets Ha Yeong-eun. However, she seems to value her work more than anything else.

The intense chemistry between the leads can be mainly attributed to Jang Ki-yong’s maturity. There is no visible awkwardness despite the decade age gap between the two actors. Jang Ki-yong looks at Song Hye-kyo intensely and we can totally see why he’s dubbed as a “noona killer.”

“Now, We Are Breaking Up” episode 1 and episode 2 are now on Viu.

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