Ok Taec-yeon and Isomura Hayato are set to star in Netflix’s upcoming series about a decade-long love story between two young men.

“Destiny works in mysterious ways, and a chance encounter may just mark the beginning of a love story,” the streaming company wrote in a news release. The live-action drama, it added, “explores this profound journey of souls connecting and enduring over the years despite the distance.”

Up-and-coming creator Hashizume Shunki (“Scroll,” “More Than Words”) wrote and directed “Soul Mate.” Netflix describes the series as “a heartfelt depiction of love and its complexities, including joy, pain, and unexplainable deep bonds.”

The story starts when Narutaki Ryu (Isomura Hayato), who left everything behind in Japan, is saved by a boxer named Johan Hwang (Ok Taec-yeon) in a foreign land. It explores how it feels to encounter a kindred soul, someone who brings a warm feeling to your heart just by thinking of them. The 10-year-long love story of the two male protagonists traverses the cities of Berlin, Seoul, and Tokyo.

According to Netflix, the idea for the series began with a conversation over coffee between Hashizume and executive producer Ota Dai. This led them to decide on the title “Soul Mate” early on. 

“We arrived at the ultimate destiny story, where people from different cultures and backgrounds meet in a foreign land and their lives intersect,” Ota said. 

“The story, filled with life’s joys and pains, combined with the exceptional performances from Isomura and Taec-yeon, will warm the hearts of viewers,” he added.

Ok Taec-yeon and Isomura Hayato as soulmates

For his part, Isomura (“Extremely Inappropriate!” “(Ab)normal Desire,” “The Moon”) shared his enthusiasm in portraying one of the lead roles. 

“The script moved me with its story of love amidst sadness and pain, and the incredible 10-year story arc crafted by director Hashizume has truly immersed me in the character. Working with Ok Taec-yeon has been inspiring; his charm draws me in more each day. Filming in Japan, Korea, and Germany gives the project a truly global feel,” Isomura said.

Meanwhile, Korean boy band 2PM’s Taec-yeon (“Vincenzo,” “Heartbeat”) took immediate interest in the project. He saw it as the perfect opportunity to broaden his horizons and explore new characters.

“The character of Johan Hwang intrigued me, and his inner struggles and pain stayed with me long after I read the script. To prepare, I lost weight and underwent boxing training, and I’ve continued to train diligently during filming to portray Johan as best as I can,” Ok Taec-yeon said.

Ok Taec-yeon visited the Philippines in September last year for his fan meeting at the New Frontier Theater in Quezon City.

As Hashizume reflects on the true meaning of love, he continues to marvel at the connection that ties the production team together. “The time spent weaving this story with our lead actors, cast, and crew has been challenging but blissful,” he said. He also called everyone involved in the project “soulmate.”

Watch out for “Soul Mate,” starring Ok Taec-yeon and Isomura Hayato, exclusively on Netflix.

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