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Park Yoochun has confirmed for the MBC drama, “I miss you”(with writer, Moon Hee Jung and director, Lee Jae Dong) which will air this coming November.

Park Yoochun’s agency, C-Jes Entertainment said that “Park Yoochun will be playing the leading man for the upcoming drama “I miss you” this November, everything has been finalized and he is now getting ready for the full scale shooting for the drama.”

The drama’s story is when they were fifteen, the memories of their fist love was completely snatched away from them by a bitter wound and continued to live with it in their hearts. “I Miss You”  is a hide and seek kind of love story melodrama.

Park Yoochun would be playing a cheerful, bold and talented crime detective named Han Jeong Woo. He will be transforming into a character that cherishes the longing for that one woman and like a beast that hunts down criminals.

C-Jes said “Park Yoochun has already demonstrated strong acting and star power that spans generations with his different works and this time he will be transforming into a different role and show the viewers a good image on the show.”

Source: tvdaily

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