Can I just say that the girls were awesome that night?

Dara, or Sandara Park as she is most known here in the Philippines, was especially happy to see her Filipino fans who were screaming the house down (or rather the mall) for her.  Minzy was really, really adorable and even said, “mahal ko kayo” (I love you!) when asked to say a message.  CL…this girl just screams girl power! And Bom was not too shy this time around as she took videos of her fans (maybe for Roommate?) and answered some questions…in English!!! Atta girl.

And since I need to concentrate to be able to remember and understand all their answers during the pressconference, I give you their pictures first. Yey for 2ne1 pic spam!!!

CL looks so surprised to see she has flowers. 😀
Dara gives their fans a big heart. 😀

And last but not the least…the crowd shot.

CL blows kisses towards her fans.

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