JIMMY & WEESA from the group PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE delight their fans with news of their brand new single “Perfect,” dropping today, June 28.

Beyond the success of their group’s viral hit single “Just Like Dat feat. JP THE WAVY” and their latest single “BEE-PO,” JIMMY & WEESA are now pushing boundaries and exploring their own artistic identities with their latest single “Perfect.”

‘Perfect’: A love song with personal touch

This love song is a Jersey club beat layered with smooth R&B undertones. Fans will be thrilled to hear JIMMY take center stage on the rap verses, while WEESA delivers a catchy hook with his signature vocals.

“Perfect” goes beyond the beats. The song delves into the duo’s heartfelt experiences and struggles navigating the global music scene, including their time in Japan, making the lyrics deeply relatable.

Dream team production showcases talent of JIMMY & WEESA

Dream team production“Perfect” boasts a production team that’s a dream come true for any PSYCHIC FEVER fan. ELIONE and Nvmbrrr, the creative forces behind numerous PSYCHIC FEVER hits, join forces with the producer of the chart-topping “Temperature” to craft this masterpiece. This collaboration ensures “Perfect” seamlessly blends with PSYCHIC FEVER’s signature sound while showcasing JIMMY & WEESA’s unique talents.

More PSYCHIC FEVER to come

“Perfect” is just a taste of what’s to come from PSYCHIC FEVER — as the group have recently just announced their first ever performance in Paris, France at the Japan Expo Paris 2024 to be held between July 11 and 14, 2024.

PSYCHIC FEVER, a seven-member boy band consisting of KOKORO, WEESA, TSURUGI, RYOGA, REN, JIMMY, and RYUSHIN, emerged as the seventh group from Japan’s unparalleled artist collective within EXILE TRIBE, affiliated with LDH JAPAN, in July 2022. Each member brings a unique blend of backgrounds, uniting diverse personalities that shine through their electrifying performances in dance, vocals, and rap. Named for the chemical reaction their collective talents ignite, PSYCHIC FEVER has quickly become a powerhouse in the music scene, with fans lovingly referred to as “ForEVER.”

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