covertness cast

 It’s been months since the news that the next project of Kim Soo-hyun would be the role of a spy from the north in the movie adaptation of popular webtoon, Secret to Greatness written by HUN.

The actors for the other characters have also been selected namely, from child star to rising actor (both in tv and musicals) Lee Hyun-woo of Equator Man and Jo Jung-suk from What’s up and The King 2 Hearts. They will be playing the comrades of Kim Soo-hyun in the movie who are also spies from the north. And together, they form a Flower-boy-spy-trio! (awkward silence)…

Anyway, there were reports that filming would be delayed for the movie because the director would be replaced and also, since Lee Hyun-woo has an upcoming series, which is To the Beautiful You, the schedule needs to be adjusted.


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