In 2022, Soundtrack #1 captured audiences’ hearts with its touching story of unrequited love and its emotionally poignant score. In late 2023, this fan-favorite series returns with a moving new storyline and cast in Soundtrack #2, exclusively on Disney+.

Set in modern-day Korea, Soundtrack #2 tells the story of Hyeon-seo and Suho, two young sweethearts who break up after six years together. Torn apart by lies and misunderstanding, the pair go their separate ways only to be reconnected when Suho, a successful CEO, hires a piano tutor who turns out to be Hyeon-seo. What follows is a touching story of romantic rekindling that is sure to resonate with anyone who has experienced love, loss, and betrayal before.

Starring Keum Sae-rok (“The Interest of Love,” “Youth of May,” “The Fiery Priest”) as Hyeon-seo, and Steve Sanghyun Noh (“Pachinko,” “Behind Every Star,” “Curtain Call”) as Suho, “Soundtrack #2” will also see the return of Kim Heewon (“Soundtrack #1,” “Little Women,” “Vincenzo”), the director behind the show’s hit first series.

Fans of unmissable Korean storytelling can sign-up to Disney+ today to enjoy instant access to “Soundtrack #1,” a story about unrequited love between two friends; “Big Bet,” starring legendary actor Choi Min-sik as a serial entrepreneur who repeatedly breaks the law to help bolster his burgeoning casino business; “Big Mouth,” about a lawyer who is arrested as part of the murder case he is investigating; as well as an extensive library of endless entertainment.

Stream “Soundtrack #2” later this year exclusively on Disney+.

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