When a game-changing bioenhancer is stolen during a secret handover between Korean and U.S. intelligence agencies, both governments will have to work together and race to recover it in “The Tyrant” — an unmissable new K-drama coming exclusively to Disney+ later this year.

After years of toiling away on a secret project designed to drastically enhance human abilities, the Korean government’s plan is exposed by the U.S. intelligence agencies. Furious about being kept in the dark, the U.S. demands all samples be handed over and the project be immediately shut down. But when the covert handover is attacked by an unknown party, agents from both sides will have to work together to avoid the dangerous new formula from falling into the wrong hands.

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“The Tyrant” stars Jo Yoon-soo (“True Beauty,” “Juvenile Justice”) as skilled infiltrator Chae Jagyeong; Cha Seung-won (“Our Blues,” “A Korean Odyssey”) as cold-blooded mercenary Lim Sang; Kim Seon-ho (“Start-Up,” “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”) as Director Choi, the leader of the secret Korean project; and Kim Kang-woo (“Le Grand Chef,” “Goodbye Mr. Black”) as U.S. intelligence agent Pau. “The Tyrant” is written and directed by Park Hoon-jung (“New World,” “The Witch” Part 1 & 2).

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Stream the K-drama “The Tyrant” this 2024 exclusively on Disney+.

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