iQiyi and Studio Wabi Sabi, a Thai production company, recently launched the LGBT series “7 Project.” The romance drama mini-series started streaming on the iQiyi app on August 30.

The drama focuses on campus romance in seven separate episodes and theme songs. Through the connection of music and video, each episode discusses a different love issue with a song as the theme. It presents the diverse appearance of love between men and women, men and men, as well as women and women.

‘7 Project’ Tackles Various Types of Romance

The three-minute trailer of the “7 Project” series features an eye-catching cast lineup of young Thai actors and actresses. They include Boom and Peak from “Make It Right,” Boun and Prem from “Until We Meet Again,” and Perth, Earth, Plan, and Surat from “Love By Chance.”

With love as the main theme, it talks about different types of romance in different stories. It is directed by New Siwaj Sawatmaneekul, a well-known Thai youth drama director. He has produced many popular youth Thai dramas in the past five years. 

Put together by Studio Wabi Sabi, the production company that has produced popular BL Thai dramas that have swept Asia such as “Love By Chance” and “Until We Meet Again,” and iQiyi, a leading streaming platform in Southeast Asia, “7 Project” Thai series is definitely a must-see LGBT romance series. 


Commenting on the collaboration, Parnsuk Tongrob, content director for Thailand, iQiyi, said, “iQiyi is very honored to collaborate with Studio Wabi Sabi on ‘7 Project’. It is a unique and challenging mission. Through ‘7 Project,’ we hope to show our audiences the true nature of unconditional love and relationships. With the outstanding performance of Studio Wabi Sabi’s romantic dramas that have already achieved outstanding results in many markets, iQiyi is confident that this series will not only touch the hearts of our users in Thailand, but also in Southeast Asia.”

Siwaj Sawatmaneekul, the director of Studio Wabi Sabi and “7 Project,” said, “Studio Wabi Sabi is honored to have the opportunity to work with Asia’s leading streaming platform, iQiyi. ‘7 Project’ started out as a musical project. But after digging into the deep meaning behind the lyrics and stories, the seven songs finally took on lives of their own and eventually became a mini-series. Each of the seven songs shows the audience the diversity of love and how it can be given and received in different ways. This project is a first for me, and I’m very excited to be able to show this work through a streaming platform with such a large user base in Southeast Asia.”

These are the seven stories on 7 Project:

‘Would You Be My Love’

Earth Katsamonnat and Santa Pongsapakatsamonnat and Santa Pongsapak

Earth, the troublemaker who loves to skip classes, is assigned by his teacher to take care of Santa, a new transfer student, or he will be expelled from school due to too many absences.

‘Once Upon a Time’

Boun-Noppanut and Prem Warut

Despite not believing in love, Boun, who is traumatized by love due to the divorce of his parents, meets Prem, the true love of his life.


Sammy-Samantha Melanie Coates, Pineare-Pannin Charnmanoon, and Ryu-Pakphum Jitpisutsiri

Sammy finds out that her ex-boyfriend Ryu had a one-night stand with another girl and decides to end the relationship and start her life over. She then meets Pineare at school and the two of them gradually develop a crush on each other, but Ryu comes back, and Sammy realizes that Pineare is the girl Ryu had a one-night stand with.

‘Rhythm’s Heart

Sood Yacht-Surat Permpoonsavat, Maya-Chanitcha Pimthong, and Aomsin-Waratchaya Noliam

Sood Yacht, a record company owner, often helps Maya, a young actress who is just starting her career, to solve her love and life problems. As the relationship becomes more and more intense, he finally finds himself completely smitten by Maya and begins to listen to his heart that is falling in love with the actress.

‘Break Up Zone

Plan-Rathavit Kijworalak, Nink-Varinthorn Makornsirisri, and Pang-Panadda Kaeward

Playboy Plan is hurt in a sincere relationship. He seeks comfort and advice from his best friend Pang, but Pang also encounters frustration in his relationship at the same time. When the two wounded hearts meet each other, their relationship gradually starts changing.

‘VS Love

Boom-Krittapak Udompanich, Peak Peemapol Panichtamrong, and Kris-Kris Songsamphant

Boom and Peak, who are at odds with each other, face a struggle over their relationships and classes at school. They suddenly find out that they’re in love with each other, turning from enemies into supportive lovers.

‘50% My Puppy Lov

Perth Tanapon Sukumpantanasan, Fairy-Kirana Pipityakorn, and Mix-Wanut Sangtianprapai

It is a love story that many people experience when they are in school. It depicts Perth, a marginalized person, who falls in love with Fairy, who is being pursued by many people at school. Perth mistakenly thinks that heartthrob Mix also likes Fairy and is afraid to pursue her. But the truth is Fairy has already secretly fallen in love with Perth.

iQiyi has been actively exploring high-quality original content in Asia and promoting Asian content in various languages to 191 countries and regions around the world. This year, the original Korean drama “My Roommate is a Gumiho” quickly rose to the top ten rankings in various regions, attracting drama fans and creating another drama craze for upcoming Chinese dramas “Danger Zone” and “The Ferryman: Legends of Nanyang.”

In the Southeast Asian market, iQiyi has seen the charm of Thai dramas since last year. iQiyi has not only exclusively broadcasted the social issue-focused drama “Daughters,” the Thai dramas “Romantic Blue The Series” and “GEN Y The Series” that were broadcasted on the international version of iQiyi were well-received by the audience. 

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