The Penthouse

“The Penthouse” is a K-drama that has gotten so much buzz with its successful airing in South Korea. If you’re into heavy drama, soap opera plots, and super evil villains, then “The Penthouse” might be the K-drama for you.

‘The Penthouse: War in Life’

The story revolves around the rich families who live in Hera Palace and their kids who attend the prestigious Cheong-ah Arts School. On the other side of the spectrum is Oh Yoon-hee (Eugene) and her daughter Bae Ro-na (Kim Hyun-soo). Both are talented classical singers from a humble background.

The plot is simple. All of the parents in the drama would do anything for their children to rise to the top. The kids are just as cruel as their power-hungry parents. Money and social status trumps talent. And in the midst of the power struggle is a murder mystery.

In the promotional poster for “The Penthouse,” the major casts are all looking up. It’s symbolic of the main goal of each character, to rise to the top of the social ladder, represented by the much coveted penthouse of Hera Palace.

‘The Penthouse’: K-drama That Will Make Your Blood Boil

Unlike most K-dramas, “The Penthouse” does not capitalize on a single villain. All the characters are in some way evil and flawed that you would want to slap each of them. The dramatic scenes are unbelievably cruel and blood boiling that you may need to check your blood pressure after each episode.

There’s been a recent trend in Korea for more thrilling and engaging K-dramas. Think “The World of the Married.” Despite the soap opera plots and unbelievably evil characters, there’s something so addicting and indulgent about these types of dramas. 

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

Jealousy, corruption, bullying, adultery, abuse, murder – name everything evil you can imagine and “The Penthouse” has it. Yet despite your blood boiling after each episode, you would still want to get to the end of it all. Maybe it’s in our nature to resist any injustice. Or maybe it’s just satisfying to see someone getting the karma they deserve. Whatever it is, “The Penthouse” is a K-drama that will most likely hook you and cling to you until the end.

“The Penthouse” is exclusively streaming in the Philippines on Viu.

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