TIME Magazine will be releasing a special edition bookazine entitled “TIME BTS: The K-Pop Band that Conquered the World,” which, as the title suggests, will be all about the world’s most popular boy band today and their fandom.  The 96-page full color bookazine will include photos of the band’s memorable performances, Hollywood guestings and fan art.

TIME BTS: The K-Pop Band that Conquered the World
Cover of “TIME BTS: The K-Pop Band that Conquered the World” (Amazon.com)

But before its official release on July 31, some fans have already expressed their dismay over the description of TIME Magazine’s BTS special edition bookazine, which read:

“This 96 page full color special edition includes fan art, explores the group’s creation, their music and videos, the fiercely loyal fans who call themselves ARMY, the origins of K-pop (which is a 5 billion dollar industry worldwide) and boy band hall of fame, including The Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, who paved the way for BTS and have topped the charts over the years.”

Fans raised their eyebrows over the line which seemingly suggested that American boy bands Backstreet Boys and NSYNC “paved the way for BTS.”

On the one hand, the author might only have meant that those 90s boy bands rose to fame before BTS, a precursor of sorts.  However, K-Pop is a whole different music genre and fans find it presumptuous to assume that American boy bands “paved the way” for what now has become the most popular group on the planet.  

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