“Train to Busan” on Netflix Philippines starting July 10, 2020
Next Entertainment World released this special “Train to Busan” poster in August 2016 to celebrate the film’s box office success.

The blockbuster South Korean zombie drama film “Train to Busan” starts streaming on Netflix Philippines today – the 41st birthday (42nd in Korean age) of its lead star Gong Yoo.

The movie features the story of a father and his daughter in a terrifying train journey as they try to get to Busan, the only city in the country that’s still safe from a zombie outbreak.

“The highest-grossing film locally in 2016, this blockbuster is Korea’s first zombie movie to become a box office hit,” Netflix’s note on “Train to Busan” says.

Watch the trailer of “Train to Busan”:

Here’ s a link to “Train to Busan” on Netflix Philippines.

“Peninsula,” the sequel to “Train to Busan,” is set to be released in Seoul on July 15.

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