Who thinks watching K-dramas is good for the soul? We do! Here are some of the most inspiring quotes from “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One,” starring Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyuk.

On Failed Dreams and Trying Again

Na Hee-do: The coach said the one who crushed my dream wasn’t him but the times. What’s so great about the times that it can crush my dream?

Back Yi-jin: The times can easily take away your dream. Not just your dream. It can take away your money and even your family. Sometimes, it takes all three at once.

Episode 1

Back Yi-jin: Protecting your dream…Though your plan was wrong, you had the right idea. I always think only about what I’ve lost. But you think about what you can gain. I want to try that too.

Episode 1

Memories of Youth

Na Hee-do: Do you want to turn back time?

Back Yi-jin: Desperately.

Na Hee-do: What do you miss the most?

Back Yi-jin: You know, I miss the things I used to worry about. It was having too much homework, scary seniors at the broadcasting club, in case I make a mistake on stage during the festival, or what if the girl I liked didn’t like me back. Worries like that.

Episode 2

Everything Changes

Back Yi-jin: I believe in gravity. The only thing I believe that will be constant in this world is gravity. I don’t believe that anything stays the same forever. Because believing in something like that sets expectations for how things should turn out. However, gravity is constant regardless of any expectations. That’s why I can believe only in gravity.

Episode 4

Na Hee-do (present): Nothing lasts forever. Everything is momentary. They all flow away. And that’s not always a bad thing.

Episode 10

Seeing the Glass Half Full

Back Yi-jin: I heard that every tragedy in life is a comedy if you see it from afar.

Na Hee-do: That means we have to live as if we’re seeing ourselves from afar. Your dream was to be in space. Let’s live as if we see ourselves from there.

Back Yi-jin: I’m happy to watch from where I am. You’re fun to watch even when up close.

Episode 4

Na Hee-do: It was only a month ago when I was told that the times we live in took my dream away. Then recently, I heard that the times had given me an opportunity. So if you think about it, there’s no such thing as a pure tragedy or comedy. Still, I hope the road ahead of us is filled with more comedy.

Episode 4

Climbing to the Top

Back Yi-jin: Those losses were blocks to build yourself stairs leading up. Think about it. Now you’ve got the highest staircase. Take your time to climb it and take whatever you want.

Na Hee-do: Why do you root for me? Even my mom doesn’t.

Back Yi-jin: Because you give me hope. And I want more for you.

Episode 4

Na Hee-do: Your skills don’t improve consistently but in steps. And when people hit a wall, they want to give up. Once they get past this corner, they’ll improve exponentially, but they don’t realize it. Why not? Because they think this (drawing a long straight line) will last forever.

Episode 7

It’s Okay to Fail 

Back Yi-jin: Sometimes, saying that we can do something can be more discouraging. We haven’t learned about a world in which you don’t have to do well and can fail. Still, let’s do the most we can. Let’s do our best.  But I still hope that even if we fail, we’ll be strong enough to get back up again.

Na Hee-do: We have the strength to get back up again. So let’s be as frustrated as we want when things are tough. Let’s be as sad as we want. And let’s get back up together. Even if we’re not together, let’s get back up together. I’ll be your strength to help you get back up again. I’ll make sure it happens.

Episode 5

On Growing Pains and Hardships

Back Yi-jin: At times you’re sad as if the whole world’s turned its back on you. But other times, you laugh your guts out. Our friendships are always excessive, we’re helpless in the face of love, and our failures are passionate. Anxiety, grief, jokes, and smiles come together to form a strange and irregular shape. Perhaps we’re currently standing at the center of our youths. I know how much your growing pains hurt. I understand.

Episode 7

Seo Jung-hyuk: In the real world, you make an apology for the sake of everyone’s peace. It’s nothing personal. Society doesn’t care at all about an individual finding peace.

Episode 10

Back Yi-jin: It’s not a failure but just a hardship, Dad. This is the price to pay for once being much happier than the others. This kind of hardship is nothing compared to the happiness that I’ve enjoyed.

Episode 10

What Is Love

Back Yi-jin: You always lead me to do what’s right and to a good place.

Na Hee-do: That’s my definition of our relationship. Also known as a rainbow. Wait, you said it wasn’t a rainbow. You still haven’t said what it was if not a rainbow.

Back Yi-jin: Love. It’s love. I love you, Hee-do. I don’t need a rainbow.

Episode 9

New episodes of “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” are up on Netflix every Saturday and Sunday.

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