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A new year is just around the corner and lets all start it fresh and bubbly just as TvN is with its upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama, Flower Boy Next Door. A break from the melodramas and serious dramas airing recently, Flower Boy Next door is surely a fresh and upbeat Rom Com drama that would give anyone a smile.

Flower Boy Next Door is a drama based on a popular webtoon titled, I Watch Him Every Day. After hearing about this new drama and webtoon and right away I looked up the webtoon to get a sneak peak of the drama. But next thing I know I have already read too many chapters in one sitting. THAT is just how much the story is interesting that it immediately captures the reader in each chapter.

Alright then, lets proceed with the plot of the Webtoon. The lead in this the webtoon is Go Dok Mi(Park Shin Hye), a regular work-from-home artist that draws illustrations for books. She seldom goes out of her apartment and dislikes even the thought of going out of her comfort zone. She doesn’t like interacting with the outside world and also having to deal with outside problems. Not only that but she also cant deal with attention from strangers, so she tries hard to avoid such encounters whenever she is forced to go out of her house.

In the webtoon this is how Go Dok Mi looks like:

One day, by chance, she saw a good looking guy across her window which lives across her apartment building and became curious of him. She then started watching him how he lives his life and the way he does things. She also tries to do the same things as the guy does everyday. It became like a hobby of hers to watch the guy of every movement that he does and she had an admiration of his actions. Since she didn’t know much details regarding him she then refers to him as “He”.

In the Webtoon, “He” is named as Han Tae Jun and is revealed in later chapters that he is Doctor that just started working in a hospital. He has all that every woman desires the looks charm and to top it all off he’s a doctor!

Now this is where it’s different in the drama this character is replaced by  Oh Jin Rak(Kim Ji Hoon), a Manhwa Writer that is good looking yet haggard and blunt. This is definitely a different direction for the drama because in the webtoon, the guy Go Dok Mi peeped at was the perfect guy.

Then the next character is Enrique Keum(Yoon Shi Yoon), nicknamed KkaeKeum(que+keum). In the Webtoon, he is the cousin of Tae Jun that just arrived in Korea from Madrid. Enrique has a very cheerful and playful personality and is also warm person. Enrique or Kkaekeum stays with his cousin, Tae Jun while he is in Korea. In the webtoon, it wasn’t disclosed what he did for a living and just stated there that he was there for vacation and had some stuff to do.

On the other hand in the drama, Enrique Keum (Yoon Shi Yoon) is a creative director in a world renowned game studio that arrived from Spain.

The story on how they met in the webtoon was when Enrique arrived in Korea and stayed with Tae Jun, he caught Go Dok Mi peeping at their home and instantly thought that she was looking at him. So he came knocking at her door and demanded to know why. After a few misunderstandings here and there Go Dok Mi, Enrique and Tae Jun became acquainted with each other and as time goes a love triangle then forms between the three. But actually it might be a case of a love square because there’s the issue of Tae Jun’s fiancee, which is Go Dok Mi’s old high school classmate which she didn’t have a good relationship with.

The webtoon was very funny and entertaining. I loved every chapter it had. Although the drama has a different approach to the story, I’m guessing it would still retain most parts of the story and the flow of everything but I’m not yet sure as to how these characters would develop in the drama and it certainly is something to look forward to. Especially with a cast like this, who wouldn’t want to watch this series?!

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  1. i really liked what you wrote about this new drama and the difference that has w the webtoon, great post. if its not to much to ask where can i read the webtoon. ^.^

    1. sorry for the late reply but the webtoon can be found here. It’s in Korean though so it might be hard reading it if you don’t know any Korean. lol

  2. sorry guys I read the webtoon in korean and it’s only in korean, there is no translated version that I know of because webtoon authors usually don’t allow their work to be translated.

  3. Pleaseeee just answer me…


    She ends with Enrique??? I saw webtoon 33-34 and I saw more of Go Dok Mi and Ji Rak… it’s worries me… >.<""""

  4. I love this Kdrama… *o* it’s so fascinating!!!! I just watched epi 10 and I NEED MORE!!!! *o* I really hope that Go Dok Mi ends with Enrique!!! *o*

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