Yoon Jin Yi in 2012 F/W photoshoot

Yoon Jin-Yi gained popularity by playing the fresh and lovable character, Im Meari in A Gentleman’s Dignity. She played the character who loves her older brother’s friend. It became something that is very hard to pursue due to family contradictions but nevertheless people rooted for her to get the love of her life, I know I did. Yoon Jin-Yi’s popularity is still growing despite the fact that the drama has already ended.

Recently, Jeans brand “Jambangee” released pictures of Yoon Jin-Yi for 2012 F/W Pictorial. The pictorial shows her Naughty and Sexy side which is completely different from her cute and fresh character in A Gentleman’s Dignity.

In this picture we have Yoon Jin-Yi wearing jeans sitting on a chair proudly showing her S-line.

In this picture Yoon Jin-Yi puts her hand in her back pocket giving a chic feeling to the pose.

Source: stardailynews

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