You Are My Spring,” the new K-drama starring Seo Hyun-jin, Kim Dong-wook, Yoon Park, and Nam Gyu-ri, is an intriguing mix of genres. Is it a mystery, thriller, romance, or a healing drama? Here’s what we think of the first few episodes of this drama now streaming on Netflix.

Seo Hyun-jin’s character is a woman with a painful past

The story begins with the young Kang Da-jung (Seo Hyun-jin) and her traumatic childhood experience dealing with domestic violence. One night her mother decides to flee and takes Da-jung and her little brother away from their abusive and alcoholic father. Fast forward to present time, Da-jung is now a concierge at a hotel. She longs for a normal life and relationship as she has become a magnet for problematic men in the past.

As Da-jung moves into a new building, she meets Joo Young-do (Kim Dong-wook), a psychiatrist who’s divorced from his celebrity ex-wife. Their first meeting is a disaster as Joo Young-do makes a bad impression when he starts to psychoanalyze Da-jung.

Meanwhile, there’s Chae Joon (Yoon Park) who’s been trying to romance Da-jung for months, to the point of stalking her. He’s a sweet talker and is always polite in front of Da-jung. However, Young-do pegs him for a sociopath. There’s something creepy about him, and Young-do thinks he’s someone he met a long time ago. Despite Young-do’s warnings, Da-jung and Chae Joon start to date.

Aside from the romance, there’s a murderer on the loose as someone died in the building where Da-jung and Young-do live.

‘You Are My Spring’ goes along with the healing K-drama trend

There seems to be a trend of “healing” K-dramas lately, more often dealing with trauma and mental health. “You Are My Spring” may remind you of last year’s hit K-drama “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay,” which also combines the same kind of mystery and eerie feel with romance. However, we have yet to see whether this new drama will be as enjoyable and heartwarming as it is intriguing.

New episodes of “You Are My Spring” are up Mondays and Tuesdays on Netflix.

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