In the Philippines, you may watch “Mr. Queen” on Viu.
Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-hyun as Queen Cheorin and King Cheoljong on “Mr. Queen.” (Viu Philippines)

“Mr. Queen” ended with good ratings and rave reviews as the historical K-drama aired its final episode last February 14. If you haven’t already, here are five reasons why you should watch “Mr. Queen.”

1. Not Your Ordinary ‘Sageuk’

“Mr. Queen” is a fictional story about the 25th king and queen of the Joseon dynasty. But if you think that this is just your typical historical drama with the nasty politics of palace life, then you are in for a surprise.

Shin Hye-sun stars as Kim So-yong or Queen Cheorin whose body is taken over by modern-day chef and playboy Jang Bong-hwan. He finds himself inside the body of the queen after a near-death experience. Despite raring to return to his normal life, he endears himself to many, including King Cheoljong, who was once indifferent to his queen.

If you think history, romance, fantasy and body swap don’t go together, you might have to rethink your judgement once you watch “Mr. Queen.”

2. Shin Hye-sun is a Delight to Watch as ‘Mr. Queen’

Shin Hye-sun has got to be the most underrated actress in Korea. Before “Mr. Queen”, you might remember her in small, supporting roles for popular K-dramas such as “She Was Pretty” and “Legend of the Blue Sea.” She has proven, however, that she can take on a lead role with her amazing acting skills. Her smooth transition from a prim and proper queen to a playboy with a crass attitude trapped inside a woman’s body is funny and adorable. It’s clear when you watch “Mr. Queen” that Shin Hye-sun has embodied the titular role.

3. Kim Jung-hyun Brings Out the Charm

You might remember Kim Jung-hyun as the ill-fated second lead on “Crash Landing On You.” Even then, this actor already proved to be charming that he could hold his fort in a lead role. As King Cheoljong, Kim Jung-hyun is funny and oh-so-sweet. You’ll be rooting that he gets his well-deserved happy ending when you watch “Mr. Queen.”

4. ‘No Touch’ Couple

Chemistry has always been the key to romance K-dramas, but what if there’s a no touch policy between the couple? King Cheoljong and Queen Cheorin make it work somehow. However, their built up sexual tension has led to some of the most intense kissing scenes in a historical drama.

5. Unexpected Twist and Turns

There is absolutely nothing predictable about “Mr. Queen.” For your pure enjoyment, you might need to abandon logic. But hey, this is a K-drama. Everyone is entitled to be happy, even a male chef trapped inside a Joseon queen’s body.

You may watch “Mr. Queen” episodes on Viu.

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