There’s a ton of new K-dramas these days that for some, having Song Joong-ki star in the drama “Vincenzo” may not be enough to catch their interest. However, we listed down more reasons why you should include “Vincenzo” in your must-watch list.

1. Song Joong-ki Plays a Mafia With a Heart in This Drama as Vincenzo

With his signature sweet boy-next-door looks, Song Joong-ki as mafia leader seems to be a paradox. You might be disappointed if you’re expecting “The Godfather” in this drama. Vincenzo Cassano is definitely not Vito Corleone. While his tactics may be true to his character, Vincenzo can sometimes be innocent and clumsy. If that isn’t enough for you to like his character, then Song Joong-ki in a suit in almost every scene might just satisfy you.

2. Jeon Yeo-been Shines as a Quirky Yet Gritty Lawyer

Jeon Yeo-been has only a few dramas under her belt prior to her role in “Vincenzo.” This talented actress, however, proves why she was hailed as one of the most promising Korean actresses in recent years. Her role as Hong Cha-young is so layered that only a true actress can pull it off. She’s nothing like the female K-drama lead you’ve seen before as she can be so rash and heartless yet funny and vulnerable at the same time. 

3. Each Episode Ends With a Jaw-Dropping Scene

Spoiler alert: Skip this video if you don’t want to see the shocking end of episode 3.

This drama definitely knows how to end an episode, whether it’s a victory for Vincenzo, a brewing conflict or tragedy. If you haven’t seen it already, the ending of episode 3 will definitely blow your mind. Spoiler alert: I guess killing off a character early on isn’t really common in K-dramas but how they played out that scene was also so shocking. 

4. The Supporting Characters Will Bring Out the Laughs

Song Joong-ki isn’t the only one worth watching in the drama “Vincenzo.” The scenes involving the tenants of the apartment complex provide comic relief to an otherwise heavy plot. There’s the owner of an Italian restaurant who pretends to understand Italian but couldn’t fool Vincenzo’s discerning taste. There’s the owner of a laundromat who ruins Vincenzo’s bespoke suit. Yang Kyung-woon, who many would recognize as one of the North Korean soldiers in “Crash Landing On You,” also stars in this drama as a self-proclaimed martial artist. 

5. ‘Vincenzo’ Has a Lot of Sub-plots That Will Keep You Interested

In between going after the evil Babel Corporation, stopping an impending demolition, and bonding with the building tenants, Vincenzo will also have to deal with his painful past. There’s a lot of things going on in this drama that will definitely make you hang on to it till the very end.

New episodes of “Vincenzo” are up on Netflix every weekend.

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