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The Oppa Planner and its free stickers (@oppaplanner)

K-drama fans need not feel left out this planner season. Featuring 12 K-drama actors, the Oppa Planner has something delightful for every K-drama fan, whether they’re into the over-35 oppa like Gong Yoo, Hyun Bin, and Lee Dong-wook, or fancy the younger ones like Kim Soo-hyun, Lee Min-ho, and Park Bo-gum.

The Oppa Planner is the passion project of two big K-drama fans, Raven Leonardo and Charlotte Tsai, both 23 and marketing and advertising graduates at De La Salle University.

“Quarantine made us so addicted to K-drama that we were obsessing over any kind of merchandise we would see. We’re avid planner collectors and we couldn’t find any K-drama-themed planner, so we told ourselves, ‘Why not make one?’” the two friends shared with us over email.

The two have full-time jobs – Raven works for his family’s company while Charlotte is a marketing and programs officer with a banking and finance firm. All the work that went into the Oppa Planner had to be done after office hours, with Raven handling the creative part, while Charlotte dealt with suppliers.

Oppa of the Month

Coming up with a shortlist of 12 K-drama actors to feature was an easy task for Raven and Charlotte. Aside from including some of their personal favorites, they also considered “actors who have made a definite mark in the Korean drama industry and reached a global level of stardom based on the number and popularity of their projects.”

Boys Over Flowers in Japan Plus BTS/NG

The 12 actors who made it to the Oppa Planner are (in order by month) Song Joong-ki, Kim Soo-hyun, Nam Joo-hyuk, Jung Hae-in, Park Bo-gum, Lee Min-ho, Gong Yoo, Ji Chang-wook, Hyun Bin, Lee Jong-suk, Lee Dong-wook, and Park Seo-joon.

“It’s expensive to spend so much money on every oppa, and because we couldn’t choose between them all, we thought of combining them in one planner to experience the kilig [thrill] altogether,” said Raven and Charlotte.

Their goal was to develop a budget-friendly but high-quality planner that would bring “heart-fluttering feels” to every K-drama fan. At 699 pesos and featuring a soft leather jacket debossed with an oppa art logo, magnetic clasp, ribbon bookmark, and pouch, the planner ticks all the boxes.

More Than Just an Oppa Planner

New and long-time K-drama fans would enjoy the planner’s “dates to note” (including Philippine public holidays and our favorite oppas’ birthdays) and a K-drama bucket list, which – no surprise – includes “visit South Korea” and “visit a K-drama filming location” as well as “attend a fan meet” on the agenda.

What's Up With Lee Min Ho?

Newly minted K-drama fans would also appreciate some basic Korean language lessons thrown in, such as how to write and pronounce the days of the week; the three ways to say “thank you” and two ways to respond; and the many honorifics used in K-drama episodes such as “hyeong” and “eonni” and “ajumma.”

For K-drama lovers whose favorites didn’t make it to the top 12, Raven and Charlotte also include 10 additional oppas in their sticker sheets, determined according to whether the actor had been a main lead of a series, the size of his fan base, or the number of followers on social media.

People’s reception of the product was positive, and despite their worries about launching an unknown brand during planner season, the Oppa Planner has sold out as of this writing.

“Luckily, no one so far has complained about the planner yet. It’s nice to hear people saying how the planner is worth their money and how they find it cute. We’re happy that a lot of fangirls got so kilig when they unboxed the planner because that was really the goal we had in my mind when starting this small business,” said Raven and Charlotte.

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The two hope to continue the Oppa Planner in 2021, along with other big plans for their business.

“We want it to be something people would look forward to every year. We certainly believe that oppas can really bring you joy and inspiration most especially in trying times, so we’d like to continue this venture. Soon we’d like to have something like a poll that would determine who the 12 featured oppas would be for the next year’s planner,” they shared.

Editors’ note: The creators of the Oppa Planner have announced the pre-order for the Oppa Planner Journal. This new version is undated and has additional oppas – Kim Seon-ho, Kim Bum, and Jo In-sung – in the endnotes section. New stocks are expected to be available on the second or third week of January 2021. Go to to secure your copy.

Karla is a marketing professional for an international law firm by day and finds time for her passions — yoga, book editing, and K-drama — after hours.

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  1. Me and my daughter is a certified k drama fanatic, so i want to have a copy of this collector’s item planner as a Christmas present to her.
    It’s beautiful.

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