Filipino Korean drama fans will once again have a glimpse of the pretty-faced Kim Tae Hee and the gorgeous Song Seung Hun as they star in the romantic-comedy My Princess which will start airing this Monday on the local channel ABS-CBN.

Kim Tae Hee is Lizelle (Lee Seol), a college student who worked a lot part-time jobs, which includes dressing up as a Korean princess, to earn money for her dream trip of going to Egypt. Meanwhile, Song Seung Hun plays Ethan (Hae Young), a diplomat who works for the Ministry of Foreign affairs and the grandson of a rich *chaebol family. One day, an announcement was made that there are moves to restore the Korean Royal family and Lizelle soon learns that her father was a Prince, making her a real-life Princess.

My Princess enjoyed such popularity in Korea that it surpassed 20% ratings in its Wednesday-Thursday timeslot during its run early this year.

My Princess will air around 5:00pm, before the drama Mula sa Puso.

*chaebol — a Korean business conglomerate

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