Ahn Bo-hyun and Park Ji-hyun star in the brand new K-drama “Flex X Cop” set to premiere on Friday, Jan. 26 on Disney+. The cast and director of “Flex X Cop” gathered together in a press conference to talk about their latest project. 

Leading the cast is Ahn Bo-hyun, who plays Jin Yi-soo, a chaebol who becomes a detective. He is able to catch criminals using his wealth and wit. Meanwhile, Park Ji-hyun is the veteran detective Lee Kang-hyun, a no-nonsense kind of cop who becomes Yi-soo’s partner.

Writer Kim Ba-da has described his character in “Flex X Cop” as a career-defining role for Ahn Bo-hyun. The actor previously played the role of a detective in Kim’s other project “My Name.” Ahn Bo-hyun admits that he feels a lot of pressure.

“I was quite pressured to take on this hero role. He’s a little bit annoying but also quite endearing.” he describes his character Yi-soo. If you’ve seen the trailer and teasers for “Flex X Cop,” you would surely say that you’ve never seen Ahn Bo-hyun like this way before. His cocky yet funny character required Ahn Bo-hyun to do some adlibs. “Yi-soo is a very upbeat character. I tried to make sure that I live up to that upbeat character,” he added.

Ahn Bo-hyun
Ahn Bo-hyun is a chaebol cop in ‘Flex X Cop.’ SBS

And he did live up to the role, as PD Kim Jae-hong describes. Talking about the charming points of Ahn Bo-hyun’s hero character, he says, “I would say he is warm and rich and he’s like that in real life. He spent a lot of money on us so he’s very popular with the staff.”

Action-packed ‘Flex X Cop’ on Disney+

Expect a lot of action scenes in this series that takes on a mystery crime genre. Ahn Bo-hyun, who was a former boxer IRL, seems to be comfortable with the stunts. “I think I’m lucky that the director for martial arts is someone whom I’ve worked with four times already. He insisted that I do the action scenes myself.” The actor said he had to work out a lot to get in shape after losing eight kilos for his previous project. Aside from achieving that chaebol cop physique, Ahn Bo-hyun jokingly said that his hairstyle required half a bottle of setting spray to stay intact.

Park Ji-hyun, on the other hand, is a newbie when it comes to action stunts. “I had to put on seven kilos for the show. This was my first attempt in action scenes. I attended action academies,” she describes her preparations for the drama. The actress, who we last saw in “Reborn Rich,” says she’s happy to have played Lee Kang-hyun in “Flex X Cop.”

“In ‘Reborn Rich,’ I was a cold, urban female character. The characters that I played in the past are so different from my actual character. I was happy to take on a role that was a little more similar to my actual character,” she says.

Reunited in ‘Flex X Cop’

In the K-drama “Yumi’s Cells,” their characters had a “are they just friends or more” kind of relationship. Ahn Bo-hyun and Park Ji-hyun reunite in “Flex X Cop” as two characters who hate each other’s guts from the get go. However, we are expecting a romantic storyline later on so we’ll surely get to see more of their chemistry. The two actors talked about working together again.

“Ji-hyun is very comfortable to shoot with. We had a lot of team dinners together. We had even better chemistry now,” says Ahn Bo-hyun. Meanwhile, Park Ji-hyun is all praises for her co-star. “In ‘Yumi’s Cells’ I knew Bo-hyun was a really good person. I was worried a bit but when I learned that I was working with Bo-hyun, I was very happy. I thought he was helpful and really considerate,” Park Ji-hyun describes her leading man.

‘Cathartic’ and ‘satisfying’

Completing the cast of “Flex X Cop” on Disney+ are Kang Sang-jun, Kim Shin-bi, and Jung Ga-hee. On what makes their series something to look forward to, Kim Shin-bi says, “Every episode features a different story.” 

The episodic series will feature different unique investigation techniques, according to Park Ji-hyun. Flexing his K-drama, Ahn Bo-hyun, says “Flex X Cop” has a “truly cathartic, satisfying story.”

“Flex X Cop” premieres on Jan. 26 on Disney+.

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