The episode starts with Kim Sam Soon (Regine Velasquez) standing on the bridge.

Flashback: Kim Sam Soon arrives late for her culinary class in Baguio city under a French chef. We learn that she got her name Kim Sam Soon from the combined names of her grandparents and mother: Kimberly Samuel Sonia. Her last name is Buot, which makes her Kim Buot. For Pinoys, the name sounds really bad.

While eating alone in a restaurant, KSS meets Harvey (Wendell Ramos). Harvey charms his way to Kim Sam Soon. She tells him about her dead father who worked as a baker when he was still alive. The two hit it off and ends up in a hotel.

Ako Si Kim Sam Soon (Episode 50)

Next scene, we meet Kim Sam Soon’s bff Maureen (Maureen Larrazabal). KSS tells her abour her new boyfriend Harvey.

Harvey and KSS celebrate their second weeksary. He gives her a Baguio souvenir. Inside it is a ring. KSS tells Harvey she loves him but ends up in the pond. The two get engaged.

KSS looks for a wedding gown in a used clothes shop. (editor’s note: Who the hell looks for a wedding dress in a used clothes shop?)

When KSS’s mom (Tessie Tomas) visits her and learns about the engagement, she gets furious and beats her but later on yields as long as it’s a church wedding.

Ako Si Kim Sam Soon (Episode 3)

The night before the wedding, KSS finds Harvey talking to someone on the phone. He seems to be worried over something but doesn’t say anything. KSS tells her sister Eliza (Jennica Garcia) that she feels weird because Harvey was acting strange.

On the day of the wedding, Harvey doesn’t show up and sends a letter instead.

KSS looks for Harvey in his hotel and finds out he has already checked out. She then finds him in the hotel lobby and they talk. He tells her that he has a woman in Australia who wants him back and that he is leaving for Australia that same afternoon. KSS is distraught.

Ako Si Kim Sam Soon (Episode 6)

We then go back to first scene with KSS standing on the bridge. She contemplates on whether to jump off a bridge, drink poison or hang herself. She throws the ring Harvey gave her but later thinks it was a mistake so she tries to reach for it.

While driving, Cyrus (Mark Anthony Fernandez) sees KSS. He thinks she’s trying to commit suicide so he runs off to her and pulls her. They both fall on the bridge.

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