KSS’s mom wonders why her daughter’s boss gave her the one million pesos they used to pay off their debt.

At the restaurant, Cyrus is pissed.  He goes to Chef Dina and asks her if she knew the reason why KSS wanted to resign.  However, she refuses to tell him about his mother’s visit to the restaurant.

While driving, Cyrus mistakes another woman for KSS.  Meantime, KSS is applying for a new job.  Cyrus calls her to tell her that she can’t resign but she hangs up.

KSS’s mom and friend visit the restaurant to have a look at Cyrus but they meet Cynthia instead.

Cyrus’s mom calls him.  He asks her what she told KSS that made her want to resign from her job.  His mom denies doing anything and tells Cyrus to go to their resort to attend to some business.

Cyrus bumps into KSS and drags her with him to the resort.  While driving, the two continue to argue.

In school, Eliza continues to be bullied by her classmates.  She tells them that she’s rich and that their family actually owns a canning company and a bank.

When KSS and Cyrus arrive at the resort, the staff tells them that there a lot of problems that Cyrus needs to attend to so they need to stay there for a while.  KSS refuses to stay.

Marcus learns that KSS is with Cyrus at the resort and immediately reports this to his boss.

Back at the resort, KSS is forced to stay.  Cyrus forces her to sign a contract that she would have to continue on with their pretend relationship unless she pays off her debt.  KSS refuses to sign the deal so Cyrus gets mad.

Myla Torres-Eder

Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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