Eliza goes home and sees her mom with the neighbor. Her mom scolds her for coming home late. KSS is also scolded when she comes home from her trip.

Cyrus talks to his bestfriend about his trip while KSS talks to Eliza about what happened at the resort.

At the restaurant, KSS is in a good mood. Cynthia gets mad when she learns from Chef Dina that KSS went to a trip with Cyrus.

Meanwhile, Chef Dina notices KSS’s aura and tells her she might be in love. Cyrus overhears their conversation and looks worried. He calls KSS to his office and asks her if she’s really falling for him. Cyrus reminds her about their contract and tells her that she shouldn’t fall for him. KSS denies she’s falling him all the while feeling hurt. She tells him that she was just pretending and that she knows her place.

KSS runs away and cries. Chef Dina consoles her. She tells KSS that Cyrus doesn’t really know how to show his true feelings.

Meanwhile, Eliza is invited to join the group of popular girls in school but she’s forced to be mean.

Marcus learns that KSS and Cyrus had a huge fight and it looks like they’re splitting. He immediately reports this to Cyrus’s mom.

KSS imagines that Cyrus walks up to her to apologize with a bouquet of flowers.

While daydreaming, Cyrus’s mom arrives and confronts the two about whether they are really separating.

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