KSS admits to Cyrus’s mom that she and Cyrus had a fight but denies that they are separating. Cyrus’s mom is disappointed and leaves. KSS tells Cyrus that she wants out of their fake relationship but Cyrus refuses unless she gives back the one million pesos he gave her.

Cynthia expresses her doubt about Cyrus and KSS’s relationship. She takes a peek inside Cyrus’s office to look for evidence. Cynthia sees the love contract but gets caught by Chef Dina so she fails to read it.

At closing time, Cyrus looks for KSS who is hiding from him. KSS enters a car and sees her ex Harvey in the driver seat. KSS tries to get away but Harvey runs after her. She asks him why he’s not in Australia but he couldn’t give her an answer.

Meanwhile, KSS’s mom gets a surprise visit from Cyrus’s mom. The two get in each other’s faces.

Chef Dina reads the ‘love’ contract.

At a bar, Cyrus thinks about his recent fight with KSS. Chef Dina confronts him about the contract and warns him that he might end up hurting others including himself.

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