KSS’s mom is angry at her for not say anything about having a boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Harvey reminisces the time he spent with KSS.

When she returns home, KSS finds her mom who’s still mad at her. KSS apologizes to her for not saying anything about her relationship with Cyrus. Her mom tells her how it will become difficult to pursue her relationship with Cyrus since they belong to two different worlds. She then reveals how it was difficult for her since KSS’s dad was rich and they didn’t have the blessings of the people around them. She tells KSS to be careful from getting hurt.

Harvey looks for KSS.

Cyrus calls KSS to his office. He asks her why she didn’t wait for him the night before. Cyrus also apologizes for all the rude things he said. KSS is moved.

Later on, KSS is called to meet a client. She’s surprised to see Cherry (Pauleen Luna) whom she knew way back. Flashback: At a party, Cherry accused KSS of having a crush on her boyfriend.
Meantime, Eliza is with her new friends. Her mom sees her and calls her but Eliza ignores her.
Back at the restaurant, Cherry insults KSS and calls her an old maid. Cyrus saves the day and introduces himself as KSS’s fiancé. Cherry is surprised and leaves. KSS thanks Cyrus.

Harvey goes to visit KSS at home.

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