Episode 2 starts off right where we left Kim Sam Soon and Cyrus. KSS gets mad at Cyrus because she loses the ring. The two exchange insults.

At the hotel, Cyrus tells his best friend about the weird woman in a wedding gown. We learn that Cyrus was there when KSS was dumped by Harvey since he was on a date set up by his mother. Cyrus wishes he doesn’t see KSS again.

Back in Manila, KSS finds their bakery on fire. The family loses their livelihood so KSS decides to get a job.

Meanwhile, Cyrus returns to his restaurant. He finds out from head chef Dina (Eugene Domingo) that their pastry chef has resigned. They need to find a replacement fast because of the pastry orders.

Cyrus meets his mom (Carmi Martin) and tells her about his problem at the restaurant. She asks him how his date went tells him to get married fast.

KSS looks for a job in the newspaper ads. Her sister gives her a box of brownies from Cyrus’s restaurant so she decides to apply there.

At the restaurant, Chef Dina interviews KSS. She asks KSS about her job experience but remains unimpressed. She tells KSS that they are looking for a pastry chef and not a small time baker. KSS imagines feeding her the whole cake she brought with her.

KSS gets upset over her pathetic life. She goes inside the restroom and cries but someone keeps on knocking at the door. She opens the door and sees Cyrus. They both recognize each other. Cyrus tells her that she’s inside the boy’s restroom and that her blouse is open.

Before leaving, a fuming KSS approaches Cyrus and throws the pie at his face. He gets to taste the cake and figured she could work for him.

Cyrus runs after KSS and asks her if she was really the one who baked the cake. Satisfied with her answer, Cyrus tells her to work for him as a pastry chef.

Myla Torres-Eder

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