Chef Dina tells KSS that Cyrus cancelled Cherry’s account. She thinks it might be because he doesn’t want KSS to see Harvey again. KSS wonders whether this is true.

Dodong visits KSS’s mom Sonia and brings with him some food.

At the restaurant, Cyrus scolds KSS for talking on the phone while at work. KSS wonders why Cyrus is in such a foul mood.

Meanwhile, Eliza continues to disguise herself as rich. Her bestfriend Kokoy is already pissed at her so he tells her rich, snob posse that Eliza is having a party at their mansion on Saturday.

Cyrus nags at everyone in the restaurant. KSS approaches him and asks whether he’s falling in love with her. Cyrus laughs at her and tells her she’s not his type. KSS is hurt. Cyrus asks Chef Dina to comfort KSS.

Harvey arrives at the restaurant and is confronted by Cyrus. He introduces himself to Harvey as KSS’s boyfriend. Cyrus orders Harvey to leave.

Cyrus approaches KSS. She apologizes to him for thinking he might have feelings for her. Cyrus asks KSS if she loves him. KSS hesitates to answer. She lies and tells him that she’s still in love with Harvey.

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