KSS tells Chef Dina that she decided to go on with the contract to save Cyrus from Harvey’s threat of legal action. Chef Dina warns her that Cyrus might dislike her decision but KSS is determined to push through with the agreement.

KSS calls Cherry to inform her of decision. She asks Cherry to go to the restaurant to taste the cake samples. Meanwhile, Cynthia overhears the conversation.

Cyrus goes to his mom’s place. She rats on about how KSS has been making decisions on her own, agreeing to bake the wedding cake for Cherry. This leaves Cyrus fuming mad.

Back at the restaurant, KSS and Chef Dina serves Harvey and Cherry with the sample dishes and cake. Cherry insults KSS’s cake but Harvey tries to pacify her. Cyrus gets furious when he sees them at the restaurant. He calls KSS to his office.

KSS tries to explain everything but Cyrus loses his temper, making her leave. Chef Dina scolds Cyrus and tells him that KSS was only afraid that he would be sued for violating the contract. This makes Cyrus feel guilty so he runs to look for KSS.

Cyrus finds KSS but she refuses to speak to him so he pulls her for a kiss.

Cyrus apologizes and asks her to forget about the kiss. He tries to carry KSS but she won’t budge. She tells him that she won’t allow him to carry or hurt her anymore. KSS leaves a stunned Cyrus.

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