Chef Dina finds KSs crying in the ladies’ room. KSS tells her about her insecurities. Chef Dina convinces her that she’s more beautiful than Hannah.

Meanwhile, Gigi convinces Kokoy to confess his feelings to Eliza.

Cyrus receives a call from his mom who informs him about the big party at the resort. His mom orders him to bring Hannah along with him.

Dodong tries to take Sonia home but she refuses and acts cold towards him.

Cyrus tells KSS about the party. He tells her that he wants KSS to be his date to the party. KSS is pleased.

Kokoy tries to talk to Eliza but she refuses. Kokoy blurts out in front of Eliza’s rich crowd that he loves her and he gets rejected.

Dodong volunteers to take Sonia home again and this time she agrees. Dodong tells her that she reminds him of his mom. Sonia is disappointed.

Eliza sees her photos with Kokoy. Aaron wonders whether Eliza likes Kokoy too.

At home, Cyrus reads Amber a story. She tells Cyrus to take care of KSS because she likes her more than Hannah. Cyrus tells Amber not to blame Hannah for what happened to her parents since he is the one to blame. Amber asks him why he seems to be defending Hannah. She thinks her uncle may still have feelings for his ex.

Chef Dina takes KSS to a makeover.

Cyrus picks up KSS and gets to meet Eliza. KSS finally comes out looking pretty and Cyrus seems impressed. She walks towards Cyrus but accidentally falls on her back.

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