Chef Dina finds Cyrus at a bar and the two share some drinks. Chef Dina asks Cyrus whether his old girlfriend Hannah has something to do with his cold treatment towards KSS. However, Cyrus doesn’t want to talk about his ex.

Meanwhile, KSS goes home crying. Her mom and sister try to comfort her. KSS tells them how she’s tired of second guessing Cyrus all the time.

At school, Eliza and her friend continue to plan her birthday party. Aaron arrives and offers to take them to class.

The next day, Marcus goes for another visit to the restaurant. He looks for KSS but learns from Chef Dina that KSS is not around. Cyrus arrives and looks for KSS but is told that she’s not coming to work.

At home, KSS waits for Cyrus to call but falls victim to her mom’s prank. She misses Cyrus and imagines that they kiss and make up.

Marcus talks to Cynthia and James about Cyrus and KSS’s latest quarrel. James tells them that he heard something about Cyrus’s ex girlfriend named Hannah.

Meantime, Cyrus gets drunk and looks for Hannah’s picture. Still bitter about her leaving, Cyrus tears Hannah’s photo.

KSS goes to Cyrus’s home and sees him trashed. While asleep, he calls out Hannah’s name. KSS thinks Cyrus is calling for her so she stays with him.

Kokoy shows Eliza the waiter’s uniform he plans to wear on her birthday party. Eliza is touched.

Finally, the real Hannah returns after being away for years. She tells her friend that she’s back to fix some things she left.

Marcus reports to Cyrus’s mom and tells her that they need to look for Hannah in order to break up Cyrus and KSS.

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