Brenda is furious to learn that Eliza has been staying in her house while she was away. She scolds Maureen for allowing it. Eliza gets thrown out of the house.

Meanwhile, Hannah apologizes to Cyrus for making him choose between her and KSS. Cyrus finally tells her that he chooses KSS over her.

KSS sees the newspaper article about Cyrus and Hannah’s engagement. Again, she’s heartbroken so her mom comforts her.

Cyrus’s mom tells her assistant Marcus that the press release about Cyrus’s engagement actually came from her.

Hannah still couldn’t believe that she was dumped by Cyrus. She waits for him to return. Cyrus does return to the restaurant but only to get the bouquet he left for KSS.

KSS packs her things for a solo trip. She promises her mom that it will be the last time that she’s going to cry over Cyrus.

Cyrus rushes to KSS’s house to talk to her but he fails to reach there in time. Sonia tries to shoo him away and even beats him up. Cyrus tells her that the article about his engagement is not true.

KSS rides the bus. She remembers the time she told Cyrus that she wanted to climb a mountain one day.

Cyrus calls his mom to ask whether she was the one who had the article published. He wants to see KSS but he doesn’t know where to find her.

Meantime, KSS joins a trekking group. She’s decided to make the climb however difficult it would be.

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Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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