Cyrus takes KSS to the party. KSS hesitates to go at first but is dragged in by Cyrus.

At the party, Hannah makes her grand entrance.

Cyrus is about to introduce KSS as her girlfriend when Hannah interrupts them. She introduces herself as Cyrus’s girlfriend.

Cyrus’s mom then sends Hannah and Cyrus to entertain the guests. She insults KSS who is left behind and tells her that Cyrus and Hannah look good together. She then tells KSS to leave.

Cyrus confronts Hannah. He kisses her and tells her he no longer loves her for he has already moved on.

Meantime, Kokoy and Eliza talk. Kokoy tells her that he really loves her. Eliza says sorry to him but he won’t accept her apology and refuses to be her friend anymore.

Back at the party, Hannah says she regrets leaving Cyrus and that she never loved anyone else but him. Cyrus answers he’s no longer interested. He then leaves her.

Cyrus runs after KSS.

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