Cyrus orders KSS to go back to work but she refuses. Sonia scolds Cyrus for hurting KSS.

Back at the restaurant, Cyrus looks at KSS’s mini cakes and thinks about her. He throws the cakes away to the horror of the restaurant staff.

Meantime, Eliza looks at Kokoys pictures. She gets excited when her phone rings, thinking it’s Kokoy but she sees Aaron’s number instead. Aaron tells her that he has come to visit her in her huge house. Eliza runs off to Maureen’s house.

Cyrus is at home, feeling depressed. Amber notices this and asks him if it’s because KSS is not around. He tells her that KSS won’t come back anymore.

KSS stays home and does aerobics with her mom.

Cyrus continues to gloat and Chef Dina notices. She tells him not to deny his feelings anymore and to go after KSS.

KSS receives a text message from Chef Dina asking her to turn on the radio. She does what she’s told and hears Cyrus’s voice. Cyrus tells the DJ how sorry he is for being selfish even to the one he loves. He says he wants to do away with the contract relationship and be KSS’s real boyfriend. KSS goes out to look for Cyrus but sees him at the doorstep.

Sonia and Dodong talk about Eliza. She thinks Eliza is hiding something from her so Dodong advises her to follow Eliza in school.

KSS wonders whether Cyrus is being serious. He says he wants to be happy so he asks her to be his girlfriend. KSS answers yes and the two kiss.

Meanwhile, Hannah’s friend pushes her to reveal to Cyrus the reason why she left.

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