After seeing Cyrus and Hannah getting inside a taxi, KSS tries to follow them but Maureen stops her.

At home, Sonia confronts Eliza about her fraud. She threatens to reveal the truth about Eliza to her friends.

Cyrus takes Hannah home and she asks him what he plans to do about KSS. Cyrus tells her that he’s just waiting for the right timing to end his relationship with KSS.

KSS continues to wait for Cyrus at home but he doesn’t show up.

Instead, Cyrus goes home and confides on his best friend Chris. Chris tells him that it’s about time that he dumps KSS but Cyrus loses his temper again and stops him from insulting KSS. Chris fills him in about KSS’s visit that night.

At the restaurant, KSS is in a bad mood. Cyrus shows up but she pretends not to notice him and dumps flour on his suit. Cyrus tries to talk to KSS but she tells him how mad she is for making her wait and for embarrassing her.

In school, Eliza continues to tag along with her rich, snob friends. Kokoy approaches her and tries to tell her something but she dismisses him.

Cyrus apologizes to KSS for missing the dinner. He lies and tells her that there was an emergency at home and his phone broke so he wasn’t able to call her. KSS refuses to accept his apology and walks out.

Sonia goes to school to look for Eliza’s friends. She sees Eliza and scolds her again. Sonia plans to spill the beans about Eliza but Eliza has a fit and tells her that she’s embarrassed for having Sonia as her mom. Sonia slaps her and Eliza walks out.

KSS reminisces the time when Cyrus gave her the plane tickets to France.

Meanwhile, Chef Dina devices a plan to get Cyrus and KSS together. She sets up a romantic meal and forces the two to talk.

Hannah, on the other hand, is at the gym. Dr. Henry sees her and advises her not to strain herself or risk being caught faking her cancer.

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