Kim Sam Soon’s date Vincent leaves her while Cyrus’s date Nicole walks out after slapping him in the face.

Meanwhile, KSS’s mom finds out that the deed to their house was pawned by her dead husband. They need to pay the debt worth one million pesos in one week to get their house back.

Cyrus wonders why KSS is so angry at him. She tells him it’s not easy to find a good man. Still fuming, she quits her job and leaves Cyrus. Cyrus runs after her and apologizes for ruining her date.

Nicole’s dad calls Cyrus’s mom. She’s shocked to learn that Cyrus has a girlfriend named Sam Soon. Her assistant Marcus tells her that she’s the new pastry chef.

Cyrus follows KSS everywhere, even to the girl’s room. He follows her to the arcade where KSS imagines shooting Cyrus’s head in one of the video games. She wins and gets a stuffed toy as a prize.

Still pissed at Cyrus, KSS scoffs down some food in a restaurant. The owner asks them to share a table.

KSS decides to drink some beer. Cyrus tells her that he’ll find her a date so he asks what type of guy she likes. KSS says she wants someone who is kind, generous, patient, someone who will take care of her and won’t care about how she looks, someone who will leave everything for her.

KSS gets drunk and throws up at Cyrus. She couldn’t walk properly so Cyrus carries her. KSS continues to insult him so he decides to leave her.

The next day, KSS wakes up in Cyrus’s bed. She thinks something happened to her and Cyrus. He tells her that he carried her and just changed her clothes because she vomited.

Someone rings the doorbell. Cyrus asks KSS to open the door, thinking it might be the laundry. Cyrus’s mom is shocked to see KSS.

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