In school, Ivy plans an elaborate show to reveal Eliza’s secrets.

Meanwhile at the restaurant, Hannah pretends to be sick and asks Cyrus to feed her. KSS sees them and Cyrus seems worried that he’s hurting KSS.

KSS tells Chef Dina that she’s done fighting for Cyrus’s affection. She hyperventilates.

Cyrus falls asleep in his office. Hannah hears him mumbling that he loves KSS. This pisses her off so she deliberately wakes Cyrus.

Back in school, Eliza is introduced as the muse of the varsity team. However, Ivy shows a video about Eliza’s fakery. Eliza is humiliated in front of the whole school.

Hannah talks to Dr. Henry about Cyrus. She thinks Cyrus is really in love with KSS, which makes her worried.

Meantime, KSS goes to the mall and tries to rub off her pessimism about men to another couple. Her dad Samuel, shows up in her imagination to lift her spirits. He tells her to continue fighting for Cyrus.

Chef Dina sets up a blind date for KSS. She hesitates at first, but agrees in the end. However, KSS gets disappointed when she sees her date Sergio.

Aaron is furious at Eliza and tells her that he doesn’t want to see her again. Eliza is distraught. Kokoy goes to her side but she disses him, thinking that Kokoy was the one who spilled the beans about her.

KSS’s blind date turns out to be not only lacking in the looks department but is rude as well. KSS is unimpressed. After dinner, he tries to get a kiss from her. Luckily, Vincent, the guy who KSS met in a previous blind date, shows up.

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