Hannah notices that Cyrus seems to be distracted. She invites him to watch a movie but he refuses.

Meanwhile, Vincent hits KSS’s date. She thanks him for saving her from her horrible date. Vincent asks about her boyfriend Cyrus, whom he met during his date with KSS. KSS lies and tells him that he’s dead.

Maureen finds Eliza crying while Des consoles a distraught Kokoy.

Cyrus and Hannah have a drink. Hannah tries to kiss him but he makes an excuse about needing to see Amber.

Kokoy and Des get drunk and Des finally gets a chance to seduce him.

The next morning, KSS receives a text from Vincent while Kokoy wakes up naked beside Des.

KSS gets a visit from Hannah who tells her to leave Cyrus alone. She even asks KSS to resign from her job at the restaurant.

Cyrus searches frantically for the stuffed pig KSS won in the arcade. He finds it and remembers the time he spent with KSS. Chris sees him in this state and wonders why he’s holding a stuffed pig.

Eliza is bullied in school by Ivy and her gang. One of her schoolmates tells her that he knows who’s behind the plot to bring her down.

Cyrus looks for KSS at the restaurant but Chef Dina tells her that she doesn’t know if KSS is coming back. KSS finally arrives. She tells him that she’s resigning for good but Cyrus won’t accept her resignation. He reminds her of the money she owes him.

Cyrus is still distracted by his feelings for KSS. He imagines the stuffed pig talking to him.

Meantime, KSS goes on a date with Vincent.

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