Apparently, KSS was just imagining the whole scenario with Cyrus shouting his love for her.

Eliza wonders how her mom and KSS are doing. She wants to come back home but hesitates when she hears laughter coming from their house. Meanwhile, Sonia is also worrying about Eliza.

KSS and Chef Dina are at the mall. The two talk about Cyrus. Chef Dina assures KSS that Cyrus is in love with her, but KSS says she’s feeling guilty about Hannah.

Hannah goes to see Cyrus, who’s not answering her calls. She asks him whether it’s true that he didn’t accept KSS’s resignation. Cyrus tells her that he can’t lose his pastry chef but Hannah insists on making him choose between her and KSS. Cyrus leaves a frustrated Hannah.

KSS decides to leave her love problem to fate. She buys a scratch and win card. She tells Chef Dina that if she wins, she’s going to forget Cyrus. She hesitates to scratch the final number so Chef Dina does it for her and they win. KSS gets upset despite winning P10,000.

Eliza talks to Maureen about how much she misses her family but they seem to be happy without her.

Cyrus goes home and finds Piggy, the stuffed pig, back. Piggy asks him if he really is in love with KSS. He tells Piggy that he feels happy when he’s with KSS. Meantime, Chris hears the conversation and wonders who Cyrus is talking to.

Brenda is back and sees Eliza in her mansion. She kicks Eliza out of the house.

At the restaurant, Cyrus looks for KSS. He listens to someone playing the song “Ikaw” on the piano and thinks about KSS.

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