Cynthia pretends that she’s okay with the fact that Cyrus is dating KSS. All the female staff in the restaurant are disappointed.

Cyrus’s mom is still suprised that her son has a girlfriend. Her assistant Marcus tells her that Cyrus will bring along KSS that night to introduce to her.

Cyrus calls his bestfriend while KSS tries on different outfits. She finds the right dress and Cyrus is pleased.

Meanwhile, KSS’s sister crushes on the new guy in school, making her bestfriend Kokoy jealous.

Cyrus brings KSS to his mom’s home. KSS is nervous because it’s the first time that a boyfriend is introducing her to a parent. Cyrus’s mom, on the other hand, pretends to be nice to KSS.

Cyrus’s mom interrogates KSS and asks her about her age. She asks KSS if she loves Cyrus. KSS is dumbfounded but says yes. The mom asks her how much she loves Cyrus and KSS is again speechless. Good thing her sister calls her on the phone.

When KSS returns, Nicole arrives. Apparently Cyrus’s mom invited her over. KSS and Cyrus argue. He tells KSS that he didn’t know that Nicole was invited. Cyrus’s mom calls them for dinner so they pretend that everything’s okay.

At the dinner table, Nicole insults KSS’s work and calls her a servant. Cyrus defends KSS. KSS walks out and Cyrus tries to go after her but his mom stops him. KSS waits for Cyrus to follow her.

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