KSS wakes up without Cyrus on her side. Her clothes are strewn outside the tent. Cyrus arrives bringing her a flower. He tells her to get dressed so he could take her home.

Sonia asks Eliza whether she already apologized to Kokoy. Eliza is distracted as she thinks about how Kokoy treated her. He accepted her apology but told her that he didn’t want to be her friend anymore. Eliza lies to her mom that everything is good between her and Kokoy.

KSS comes home with Cyrus. Sonia and Eliza welcome him to the family.

Hannah goes to see Dr. Henry at the hospital to ask for a favor.

Sonia and Eliza see KSS happy and in love. Sonia pries if something happened between her and Cyrus while they were camping.

Dr. Henry visits Cyrus at the restaurant to tell him that something happened to Hannah.

KSS receives a call from Chef Dina who reports to her that Cyrus went to see Hannah at the hospital.

Cynthia is upset to learn that Cyrus is back with KSS. James tells her to forget about Cyrus and be with him instead but she rejects him. She’s decided to seduce Cyrus leaving James distraught.

Cyrus visits Hannah at the hospital and is surprised to see his mom. Dr. Henry tells him that they found an aggressive tumor and that Hannah has only four months to live. Cyrus asks Hannah what he could do for her. She pleads that she wants him back.

Sonia, Eliza, Chef Dina and KSS troop to the hospital. Cyrus is surprised to see all of them. His mom orders him to break up with KSS as Hannah tells them that she’s dying.

Sonia and Cyrus’s mom have a fight. Cyrus doesn’t respond when he’s pressured to choose between KSS and Hannah so KSS gets mad at him and leaves.

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