Hannah calls Cyrus. He tells her not to worry because he’ll own up to his responsibility. Hannah tells him that she needs him, not his money.

Meanwhile, Vincent assures Sonia that he’s a good person and that he will take care of KSS.

Des goes to Kokoy’s house and shows him the photo Eliza sent. She accuses Kokoy of cheating on her and breaks up with him. Kokoy is left confused over what happened.

Cynthia gives Cyrus the pasta she spiked with love potion. She tries to seduce him but fails to elicit any response.

Chef Dina goes back to the restaurant. Cyrus asks her about KSS and she tells him that she failed to convince KSS to marry him.

Sonia wonders whether KSS made the right decision. She assures her mom that she has nothing to worry about.

Chef Dina tells Cyrus not to lose hope and to go to St. John Parish Church the next day if he wants to be with KSS.

Meantime, Sonia sees Eliza sulking. Eliza tells her mom that she’s feeling guilty over something she did. Sonia advises her to apologize.

The next day, Cyrus goes to the church and finds KSS there. Vincent meets KSS along with the priest who’s supposed to officiate their wedding. Cyrus hears everything and shouts in protest. Vincent and Cyrus get in a fight.

Hannah calls Cyrus’s mom and tells her that she has another plan to get Cyrus to marry her.

Cyrus talks to KSS and asks why she’s marrying someone else. KSS tells him to give up and be with Hannah instead. Cyrus wants to elope with her but she refuses. She then leaves with Vincent.

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