Kokoy’s mom thinks it might be Eliza who sent the photo to Des. Meanwhile, Eliza goes to meet Des.

KSS leaves with Vincent. Vincent tells her he doesn’t mind if she’s still in love with Cyrus.

Eliza explains to Des that she was the one who took the photo. She apologizes to her. Des is
enraged. Meanwhile. Kokoy looks at the photo with Eliza and thinks about her.

Chef Dina tells Cyrus that she promised KSS that she wouldn’t say anything about her upcoming marriage to Vincent.

Cyrus receives a call from his mom. She tells him about Hannah’s plan to move to the US to get the baby away from him.

KSS bakes to get her mind off things. Sonia tells her to choose what’s right for her.

Cyrus is in a bind. He sees Amber sleeping. His mom tells him not to let his child to grow up without a father like Amber. She tells him to decide and to prioritize the future of his kid.

Sonia gives Dodong some of the cake KSS baked. He asks her if she wants to be his girlfriend. She hesitates to answer and they’re interrupted again.

Hannah’s friend goes to see Dr. Henry.

Chef Dina and KSS drink and the former gets drunk.

Cyrus goes to see Hannah. He tells her that she doesn’t need to go because KSS has already rejected him. He asks her to marry him. Hannah is ecstatic.

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