Takemoto eyes the prizes in the upcoming lottery draw.

Back at the university, Morita and Mayama force Takemoto to wear an armored suit so he could take peep inside a nude art class. However, Takemoto gets distracted by Hagumi. Morita and Mayama set off the fire alarm and everyone scrams, even Takemoto who is still wearing the armor, causing everyone to panic.

While Takemoto is being scolded by Shouda-sensei, Morita teaches Hagumi the “Comenich” move.

Morita plans to win the lottery through counterfeit tickets. He fails to appease Takemoto who is still terribly embarassed by the nude art class scandal. However, Takemoto cheers up when Hanamoto-sensei asks him to take Hagumi to the home center.

On the way to the home center, Takemoto and Hagumi meet Yamada’s father who’s the head of the neighborhood council for the shopping street and is in charge of the annual lottery.

Morita makes the counterfeit lottery tickets but Yamada tells him that the real ticket has a stamp at the back so Morita goes on to make a stamp. Yamada sees a picture of Rika in Hanamoto-sensei’s office and wonders what Mayama sees in her.

At the home center, Hagumi looks for a stone to make pickled vegetables but fails to see one. She sees a boy crying so she teaches him the Comenich move, to the horror of Takemoto.

Mayama goes to Rika’s office and tells her that he could work for her even without salary but Rika declines.

On the way home, Hagumi and Takemoto pass by an Imagawayaki store that sells excellent cream cakes. The cream cakes are sold out so they settle for the black bean cakes. They play some video games at the arcade while Hagumi tells Takemoto that she hasn’t seen the ocean yet.

Hagumi sees a necklace in one of those games where you catch a prize. Takemoto tries his best to get the necklace but gets a ring instead. He gives the ring to Hagumi. They realize how difficult it is to want something in front of you but not be able to get it.

Mayama says goodbye to the architecture office he works for. Nomiya sees through Mayama and wonders whether he really is interested in architecture or if he just wants to be close to Rika.

Hanamoto-sensei visits Rika. We find out that they are old friends along with Rika’s deceased husband who was celebrating his birthday.

Yamada, who is still clearly shaken by Rika’s photo, talks to Hagumi about wanting to give up something she wants like painting. Hagumi tells her it hasn’t crossed her mind yet to give up painting.

Takemoto finds a stone for Hagumi in one of the packages his mom sent him.

Romaya-senpai comes back from his trip to Hawaii, which he won in a lottery draw. He teaches Takemoto, Morita and Mayama how to roll the lottery box to win the grand prize.

At the shopping street, Morita tries to trick the organizers with his fake lottery tickets but fails to impress them since the real lottery ticket doesn’t have stamp marks at the back.

Takemoto sees Hagumi and tries to give her the stone but Hanamoto-sensei gives her one first.

Yamada finds Mayama smoking on a bench. She tells him to stop chasing after Rika. He tells her he couldn’t help it and that she should stop caring for him.

The art agent looks for Morita and brings with him some fruits he bought from the Hamadayama shopping street. Takemoto asks for the raffle tickets that came with his purchase but Morita takes them away.

Morita finds Yamada crying in the pottery room. Morita tells her to go with him to the raffle draw but Yamada hesitates because she doesn’t want to face Mayama. After some prodding from Morita, Yamada agrees to go.

All five of them, Morita, Takemoto, Hagumi, Yamada and Mayama go to the raffle draw only to see Romaya-senpai walking away with the grand prize, a brand new Honda car.

Takemoto figures that each of them should have a turn in drawing a prize. However, Morita has already been using their raffle tickets and only one spin is left. While they argue, Hagumi takes the last spin. Hagumi wins a prize: a swimming tube set complete with snorkel and flippers.

Everyone is disappointed so Takemoto suggests that they should all go to the beach to try out Hagumi’s swimming tube. They borrow Romaya-senpai’s new car for the trip. Morita forces Yamada to sit in front with Mayama. On the way to the beach, Takemoto looks at Hagumi who is wearing the ring he gave her. When Yamada asks Hagumi about the ring, Takemoto gets embarrassed and changes the topic.

They make a picnic at the beach while Yamada gets sloshed from drinking too much beer.

While packing their things, Takemoto notices Hagumi who is looking for her ring.

Mayama tries to wake Yamada. She asks him to go away so Mayama tells her to get on his back. Mayama carries Yamada and tells her that she’s heavy. She hits Mayama and tells him that he’s an idiot over and over again but Mayama won’t budge. Yamada tells him that she likes him but he could only say ‘thanks.’

It’s already dark and Takemoto, Hagumi and Morita are still looking for the ring. Morita calls Hagumi and gives her a ring made from a piece of bottle. Takemoto finally finds the ring. He looks for Hagumi but sees Morita kissing her.

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