KSS tells Vincent that she can’t marry him because she’s still in love with Cyrus. She walks out of her wedding with Chef Dina to see Cyrus. They look for a ride but Vincent goes after them and offers to take them to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Ruiz consoles Hannah whom Cyrus left at the altar. Marcus informs them that Cyrus got into an accident and is in critical condition.

At the hospital, KSS and Chef Dina look for Cyrus. They see a dead person in a stretcher covered with a blanket and think it’s Cyrus so they bawl their eyes out. The dead person turns out to be another patient.

At KSS’s house, the neighbors feast on the roasted pig that was supposed to be served for the wedding reception.

The doctor informs KSS and Chef Dina that Cyrus is still at the operating room. He has an internal bleeding and the doctors aren’t sure if he will survive.

Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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  1. i dont think miley is a fan of michael and also whats the point of syinag michael jackson has a fan at all =( well besides some of you people and his family because when he was alive no one talked about him cared about him or even mentioned him because they thought he was a rapist even scarey movie 4 made fun of him so not all but to some tributes i think are a waist of time or is an insult to his death ..=) R.I.P. michael <3

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