After narrowly escaping death from the fire, KSS recuperates in the hospital. Cyrus informs her that Hannah is now in jail.

Cyrus and KSS visit Hannah in jail. Hannah asks for forgiveness and tells them that she’s finally realized that Cyrus is really in love with KSS. KSS forgives her and Cyrus tells her that they won’t file any case against her on one condition.

Hannah is now out of jail. She decides to go back to the US and in return, Cyrus and KSS won’t push through with the charges against her. Henry wants to go with her.

At home, Chef Dina, Maureen and Eliza wait for KSS to come down in her wedding dress. They all laugh when they see her. KSS imagines Cyrus to be disappointed when he sees her in her gown so she decides to lose weight. Her only problem is that she has only a month before the wedding.

KSS starts to exercise with a trainer (with no less than athlete Elma Muros!).

Everyone awaits the arrival of KSS at the theme park where the wedding is being held. The bridal car finally arrives and a slimmer KSS walks down the aisle. Everyone cheers.

As KSS walks the aisle, she thinks about how her simple wish to be with the one she loves has finally come true.

Cyrus and KSS finally get married. The two kiss to the delight of their guests.

The end.

Myla Torres-Eder

Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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  1. hi guys, i hope someone could help me.
    i’m from germany an its really hard to find “ako si kim sam soon”. so i want to know if someone could tell me where i could watch it with or without eng subs.
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