Amber visits Cyrus at the hospital. She asks KSS how her uncle is doing and KSS tells her that he hasn’t woken up yet.

Amber walks up to Cyrus. She writes something on her notebook but Cyrus, who’s still in a coma, could not read the message. Amber starts to speak to wake him up. KSS and Mrs. Ruiz are surprised to hear Amber talking. After a while, Cyrus wakes up.

While the doctor talks to Cyrus, KSS sneaks out of the room. He looks for her and learns that her wedding did not push through.

Meantime, Dodong is back at the market but Sonia tries to evade him.

Cyrus wants to leave the hospital but his mom tells him to stay for a few days more. Cyrus agrees to this only if his mom promises not to oppose his relationship with KSS.

KSS tells Maureen that even if Hannah is already out of the picture, Cyrus’s mom still won’t approve of her.

At home, KSS receives a surprise visit from Cyrus’s mom.

After one month, Cyrus is released from the hospital. His mom takes him to the restaurant where KSS is waiting. The two get engaged and everyone in the restaurant is happy except for Cynthia.

At home, Hannah has gone loony after losing Cyrus.

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