I’ve been having trouble finding time to write my episode guides so this comes a bit late.

In this episode, we see a bit more of Bito’s life while growing up. We also see more interaction between Bito and Hana, which was kinda cute. Matsujun is adorable when he gets shy.

I hope I could get a subbed copy of episode 3 soon so that I could go on with my episode guides. Meanwhile, here’s episode 2:

Bito attends his first trial where the judge mistakes him for a foreigner. His friends think it’s because his name is written in Katakana. For those who are not familiar with the Japanese writing system, Katakana is only used to write Western or foreign words and names. Bito pleads innocent for drug possession charges and tells the court that he’s being framed.

Kondo, who framed Bito, attends the second hearing as a prosecution witness. He denies knowing the actress Yuki. After the hearing, he meets up with Kai and Hana overhears their conversation.

Meanwhile, Shiori wants Kazuma to help in Bito’s case but he seems uninterested. Shiori wonders whether it’s because Bito is a half Filipino.

Hana goes to see Kazuma to convince him to take on Bito’s case. She tells him about the conversation between Kondo and Kai, wherein she overheard Kondo saying that it was him who hid the drugs inside Bito’s locker. However, Hana fails to convince Kazuma without any other evidence at hand.

The café’s manager stands as a witness during the third hearing and is interrogated about Bito’s resignation. The prosecution points out that Bito’s resignation was rushed because he was afraid of being caught dealing drugs.

At Matsumura Foods where Bito works, a delivery has been made. The boss takes in a surplus of goods since Children’s Day was due and they’ll be expecting a lot of orders.

Shiori talks to Kazuma about Bito’s case. She wonders whether it would be possible to get Yuki to testify against Kondo. Kazuma tells her it’s impossible. Kai, who supplies the drugs, belongs to a gang called the New Makers. This same gang owns an entertainment production company, which manages Yuki.

At the next hearing, Detective Furuse, the cop who arrested Bito and knows about his juvenile past, takes the witness stand. He tells an entirely different story about Bito’s involvement in a gang and made him appear as the leader. He tells the court that Bito alone killed a boy and injured six others during one of their fights with a rival gang.

Hana goes to see Bito in prison and tries to cheer him up by telling him that she believes in him.

In the meantime, Bito’s colleagues at Matsumura Foods visit Kazuma to convince him again to take the case. They tell him about Bito’s past. We learn that Bito’s mother used to work at a snack bar where she met Bito’s father, a Filipino who had come to Japan for work. Before entering elementary school, Bito’s parents divorced and his father’s whereabouts have become unknown since then. Until junior high, Bito lived with his mother, who went out with different men and worked at night. Around the time of his graduation, his mom finally abandoned him. After that, Bito traveled and took odd end jobs to survive. Bito’s life, they say, took a different turn when he was convinced by a junior high senpai to work at a construction site. This was also the time when he met his friend Kinta and they joined a gang. Kazuma tells them to give him time to think about taking on Bito’s case.

Meanwhile, Hana sneaks into the café where Bito worked looking for evidence for Bito’s case. However, the cops also get there, upon the instructions from Detective Furuse, to look for more evidence to pin down Bito. Fortunately, Hana gets out in time after getting some information about Kondo in the employees’ records.

Hana looks for Kondo and follows him to a club. There she sees him dealing drugs and successfully records a video through her camera phone. Unfortunately, Kondo sees her and runs after her. While fleeing, Hana is able to send a message with the video to Kazuma who comes to her rescue.

During the hearing, Kazuma represents Bito and shows the video to the court. He also plays an audio recording, which shows that the cops forced a confession on Bito. Apparently, Hana was able to record the cops’ conversation inside the café. Kondo is prosecuted and Bito is exonerated a week later.

To celebrate Bito’s release, they all decide to cook Italian food. While on their way to shop for the ingredients, Bito thanks Hana for her hard work but gets timid when Hana hugs him.

On their way back, Bito asks Hana why she went out of her way to help him. She tells him that she believed him because she liked his smile. While walking, Hana sees a guy she knows so she says goodbye to Bito and rides the car. Bito is disappointed and thinks it must be his boyfriend. Hana arrives later in time for their Italian dinner.

Life is back to normal at Matsumura Foods. Bito delivers bean rice at Uehara Higashi Elementary School where he again sees the guy named Mr. Watanabe whom Hana met a while back. A child named Rina, whom Bito befriended, greets him. Back at Matsumura, Bito avoids Hana.

Meantime, there has been food poisoning at Uehara Higashi Elementary School. Children are being brought to hospitals. While watching the news, Bito sees that one of the victims is Rina.

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